Marijuana Dispensary TV Menus

StickyGuide's In-Store Menu System allows you to display your marijuana dispensary’s menu and signage on an unlimited number of monitors, televisions and iPads in your store.

Easy Setup. Fully Automated. No Expensive Hardware.

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Why TV Menus
  • Screens update automatically
  • No expensive hardware required
  • Fits any screen size in landscape or portrait
  • Integrates w/ MJ Freeway, BioTrackTHC, more
  • Custom branded design
  • Also displays digital signage
  • Configurable for one or many screens
  • Control display of product type, price and more
Branded to Perfection
Personalize with your own design

Out-of-the-box, our menus have a smart and legible design that looks great and allows you to start displaying screens in minutes.

Want a custom look? Controls are provided to change colors, backgrounds, headers, footers and more, so you can personalize the menu’s design with your dispensary’s brand.

Need help? Send us your logo and color palette, and we’ll design a custom look for you.

Your Menu, Your Way
Choose which products appear and how they're displayed

Whether your dispensary has one screen or fifty, StickyGuide’s In-Store Menu system gives you flexibility to create menus that are perfect for your customers.

Choose which product types appear on each screen. Control how the products are grouped and ordered. Select which pricing and if test data is displayed. And, add icons to denote strain type, THC/CBD-rich, sun grown and more.

Set it and forget it. After configuration, your screens will automatically update each time you edit your menu.

Compatible With Every Screen Size
From giant televisions to tiny tablets

The In-Store Menu system works with any size display. Large or small. Portrait or landscape. TV, computer or tablet.

A built-in calibration tool determines the size and offset of each screen, allowing every menu to custom fit your hardware.

No Expensive Hardware Required
You may already own everything you need
No Expensive Hardware Required
You may already own everything you need

Unlike most digital signage products, our In-Store Menu system runs on inexpensive, everday hardware.

Computers, tablets and some newer televisions can display the system’s screens without any additional hardware or software. And, unsupported screens can be setup with hardware you may already own. Don't have the hardware you need, we'll overnight you our plug and play StickyBox for $99.

Digital Signage Too
Promote specials, events and products

In addition to menus, the In-Store Menu system also displays digital signage.

Create an image for signage and add it to any menu - or display it fullscreen on its own monitor or tablet.

Use this feature for announcements and promotions - or sell advertising space to your vendors.

Plays Well with POS
Integrate with BioTrackTHC, MJ Freeway, MMJMenu and More

Our system integrates with the many of the leading cannabis point of sale platforms, allowing your in-store menus to automatically update as inventory changes in your third-party software.

Or use our API to roll your own custom integration.

Learn more about third-party integrations

iPad Photo Menus Included
Handheld photo menus are now standard with every account

Our customers spoke and we listened. They loved our large format menus, but wanted a handheld version too. Some wanted it for their waiting rooms. Others wanted a tablet to display certain products like edibles or concentrates.

As a result, we added an iPad Photo Menu to the In-Store Menu system. Display a photo menu as an app on an unlimited number of iPads - included at no additional charge.