Seamless POS Integration

Your menus automatically update
as inventory in your point of sale changes.

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Automated & Accurate. Every Time.

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Why POS Integration
  • Automate menu updates
  • Always display accurate inventory
  • Synchronize all public-facing menus
  • Integrate w/ all major cannabis POS systems
  • Save time and money
  • Build customer trust & goodwill
  • Fully customizable product import rules
  • Develop your own implementations with API
Never Manually Update a Menu Again
Our platform connects to your point of sale system and automatically updates as your inventory changes.

With POS integration, any time a product is stocked in your point of sale system, it instantly appears on your public-facing menus. Any time a product sells out, it's immediatley removed.

Current POS Integrations Include
Green Bits
MJ Freeway
StickyGuide API

We're adding support for new POS systems regularly. Currently, we integrate with BioTrachTHC, Green Bits, MJ Freeway, MMJMenu, Korona - plus an API for custom integrations.
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Not All Integrations are Created Equal
Customize which products are displayed and how they’re presented.

We understand integrating your point of sale’s product data can be more complex than it first appears. You’ll discover certain products shouldn’t be imported. Other proucts may use naming conventions that won’t make sense to your customers. Classifications and categorizations may be used that don’t translate well to public menus.

We provide extensive controls that allow you to define which products import and exactly how they’re displayed. You’ll have the tools to workaround common integration issues, so you can continue to operate your point of sale in a way that makes most sense for your staff while not sacrificing the optimial presentation to your customers.

  • Product name scrubbing that strips internal naming conventions like batch numbers and abbreviations
  • Ability to prevent specific products or categories from display
  • Minimum inventory levels required for import
  • Number of prices and which price units to display
  • Pricing with or without tax
  • Indica, sativa and hybrid classifications
  • Lab test results
  • Vendor names
  • And more ...