Add Online Ordering to Your Dispensary Web Site

Accept Orders 24/7 for Pick Up or Delivery

Reach more customers. Process more transactions.
Watch your business grow.

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Why Online Ordering
  • Configure in minutes
  • Offer pick up, delivery or both
  • Optimized for desktop & mobile
  • Integrates w/ MJ Freeway, BioTrackTHC, more
  • Custom branded menu design
  • Real-time delivery driver tracking
  • Automated emails and texts to customers
  • Compatible w/ Wordpress, Squarespace, more
Over $50 Million in Orders and Growing
A tested, proven system that just works.

Cannabis businesses and customers love our software. We’ve processed hundreds of thousands of orders totalling over $50 million in sales and growing by the minute. With eight years of industry experience and customer feedback, we’ve developed a mature platform that is proven and tested.

Easy to Setup. Easy to Use.
Online Ordering can be added to your embedded menu with one click.

No coding is required and our presets allow you to get setup in mintues. The design is smart and elegant. And you’ll never miss a new sale or customer by accepting orders 24-hours a day.

Whether your customers are looking to speed up their store visit, reserve an in-demand product or just prefer the experience of shopping from home, online ordering is a service customers are coming to expect from their favorite dispensaries.

Customize to Personalize
Use Our Presets or Design Your Own.

We understand every business is different and our presets may not be perfect for yours. Get started in minutes with our defaults or modify any aspect of the ordering process like checkout settings, interface text, and email / text notifications automatically sent to your customers.

Out of the box or tailored to a tee, our system has the flexibility to work for you.

Pick Up. Delivery. Or Both.
Select a mode and unlock features optmized for your business. Or run dual-mode.

We’ve worked with hundreds of marijuana businesses and understand the needs of storefronts and delivery services are different. That’s why our system comes in two flavors with specialized features for each type of business.

Offer pick up and delivery? Our system supports that too, allowing you to display the same or separate menus and custom configure the ordering process for each service.

Plays Well with POS
Integrate with BioTrackTHC, MJ Freeway, MMJMenu and More

Our system integrates with the many of the leading cannabis point of sale platforms, allowing your menu to automatically update as inventory changes in your third-party software.

Or use our API to roll your own custom integration.

Learn more about third-party integrations

Driver Tracking & Route Optimization
Map driver locations in real-time. Optimize delivery assignments.
Send automated arrival time texts to customers.

We’ve partnered with Onfleet, integrating their delivery management technology into our platform. Install the Onfleet app on your drivers’ phones and assign orders to them with a single click from your online ordering dashboard. Track drivers in real-time, mapping their locations and optimizing delivery assignments for maximium efficency.

Keep your customers in the loop with automated text messages sent througought the delivery process, advising when the driver has departed for a delivery, the estimated time of arrival, if delays occur, and when the driver has arrived.

Easy to Embed
If you can copy and paste,
you can add our menu to your site.

You don’t need to be a web developer to add our menu to your web site. Simply copy and paste one line and your done. Still scared? We’ll embed for you free of charge.

Our menu’s responsive design looks great on desktop and mobile web sites of all sizes. And it’s compatible with numerous publishing platforms including Squarespace, WordPress, Wix and more. Learn more about our web site menu system.

One Size Does Not Fit All
Launch a one-of-a-kind menu design. Dozens of configurations plus white label.

Our menu’s interface design is one of the best in the industry. With over a dozen customizable attributes, you won’t find another platform that provides the flexibility our system gives you to craft a presentation that’s just right for your business.

Want a truly unique look? Go with our white label option, which features a custom design that is exclusive to your business and not available to your competitors. Learn more about our web site menu system.

New Order Stalking
Four different order alerts means a new lead will never go cold.

Quick responses to new orders keeps your customers happy and your business growing. When a new order is received, we alert you immediately with a dashboard indicator, an email notification, a text message and a physical LED light connected to any computer. We stalk worse than a needy boyfriend.