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Why Launch an App
  • Your logo on every home screen
  • Access to your menu with a single tap
  • Send messages even when app is closed
  • Integrates w/ MJ Freeway, BioTrackTHC, more
  • Apps now used more than web sites
  • Notifications from apps have 90% open rate
  • Stay connected w/ customers after they buy
  • 87% of smartphone owners use device to shop
Entirely custom design that can be updated at any time. Promote new products, special offers, events and more. Link any part of the layout to a product, web page or notification.
Multiple Locations
The app can be configured to support more than one location and menu, allowing a business to launch a single app for multiple storefronts or a service that offers pick up and delivery.
Customers Expect an App
App usage now exceeds web browser usage.

In 2016, your customers spent more time using mobile apps than web browsers. It’s clear, we’ve entered an age where customers expect their favorite businesses to have an app. They’re faster, more convienient, and a better experience than a mobile web browser.

Our product allows you to quickly and affordably launch a beautifully custom designed app for your brand that’s instantly updatable from a web dashboard. Get ahead of your competition by providing customers this convenient and powerful way to connect with your business.

Keep Customers Coming Back
Convert new customers into returning customers - again and again and again.

You’ve spent time and money attracting new customers to your business, but how do you keep them coming back? With so many competitors, how do you stay in front of customers and remain top of mind?

Unlike web or email, apps keep you constantly connected to your customers. Your logo is visible on your customers’ home screens every time they look at their phones. You can send notifications, which appear even when the app is closed. And, your menu is always at customers’ fingertips.

Your Own App. Your Own Brand.
Beautifully designed user interfaces white labeled for your business.

Your app is custom built and designed, branding the user interfaces with your corporate identity and personalizing the content for your business. The offering is fully white labeled with no mention of StickyGuide.

We handle submitting to Apple’s App Store and Google Play on your behalf. Customers find your app by searching your business name on these sites or any search engine.

Powerful Push Notifications
Display promotional messages on your customers’ phones instantly - even when your app is closed.

Push notifications allow you to send messages to your customers’ phones, promoting new products, specials and other announcements. Notifications appear instantly on-screen with an alert sound regardless of what app is open or if the phone is sleeping, ensuring your customers see the message with little to no delay. Notifications can be sent in real-time or pre-scheduled.

Push notification appears on-screen with alert sound
Recipient taps notification to launch detail page in app
All notifications accessible from Notifications page

Unlike marketing emails, which often go unopened, or text messages, which are expensive to send and can be percevied as spam, push notifications boast open rates upwards of 90% and unlimited messaging is included with the price of your app.

App Push Notifications Compared to Email & Text Messages
Plays Well with POS
Integrate with BioTrackTHC, MJ Freeway, MMJMenu and More

Our system integrates with the many of the leading cannabis point of sale platforms, allowing your menu to automatically update as inventory changes in your third-party software.

Or use our API to roll your own custom integration.

Learn more about third-party integrations

As You Grow, Your App Grows
Support multiple locations and storefront plus delivery operations.

Do you have multiple storefronts or operate a storefront that also offers delivery? Your app can be extended to support multiple locations or delivery services - each with its own menu, promotions, notifications and more.

Your app’s multi-location support can be unlocked at any time and does not require an app update by your customers.

Native Development or Bust
What’s native app development and why is it better than hybrid?
Native apps developed for iOS and Android use entirely separate code that is written from scratch for each platform. Developing natively is time consuming and requires a larger engineering team, but results in faster, more stable software that can leverage every feature of each platform.
Hybrid apps developed for iOS and Android use a single codebase that is translated using automated software to the language required for each platform. Developing with this approach is cheaper, but results in slower apps that crash more often and are unable to leverage some platform features.

We only develop native apps. Yes, we’d expand our profit margin, if we took shortcuts with hybrid development, but we‘re not willing to sacrifice your users’ experience for more profits.